Ankara, Turkey


My name is Ali, i am a university student in Pakistan. In 2015, i started my journey with a solo backpacking trip across Australia. In the last three years i have backpacked across Turkey, Spain and Portugal. My plan is to visit hundred countries by 2025.

That’s a very ambitious plan given the fact that every time i wake up, Pakistani rupee has depreciated further against the US dollar and Euro, making my trips more expensive. Hard life but i gotta manage lol

Lisbon, Portugal

The purpose of this website is to keep my mom updated with my daily progress as i travel around the world, so she doesn’t worry too much about me. This blog also keeps a track of all the cities i have visited and the people i have met, my blogs can serve as guide if you are traveling to that particular city. A section on my website is dedicated to my friends from the backpacking community, who want to visit Pakistan. Here, you can find a lot of literature on Pakistan by international tourists. This section aims to make your planning phase a little easy. Check out the Visit Pakistan section 🙂

Lastly, through this blog i plan to shatter the myth that traveling is very expensive and unaffordable. I share me travel hacks that are all about traveling on a budget and managing to travel a lot even if you dont have a lot of money.

You can find links to my Facebook and Instagram at the bottom of this page, in case you want to get in touch.





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