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Throughout my solo backpacking journey i have met a lot of fellow backpackers who are really interested in traveling to Pakistan but they have a lot of questions. Here i will try to answer all those questions and i will tell you the best ways to plan your trip to Pakistan. Due to my father’s profession i had the pleasure of growing up around the country. My top 2 places in Pakistan are Lahore and Hunza. Lahore is the cultural hub of the country, also i have lived in Lahore for three years because my university is there and i have developed a bond with the city. Hunza is undoubtedly one of the most peaceful, serene and beautiful places i have ever been to. However, there are a lot of other beautiful Must-Visit places in the country that are equally important to see.

How to visit Pakistan?

Pakistan is a very unexplored country. It has some of the most beautiful sights yet very little international tourism.  Its a really cheap country if you are living in Europe or Americas. The food is amazing and people are hospitable, its culture is rich and history unmatched. You can only visit it for yourself to truly discover what a beautiful country Pakistan is. I would really encourage you to visit Pakistan at least once. If you are planning to visit Pakistan, feel free to get in touch with me for any guidance.

in 2019, Epic back packer Tours will be taking three trips to Pakistan. I really recommend you to join them. Below is a link to their website.

If you want more information on this tour Click here

“Join a small group of explorers and travel deep into one of the world’s most undiscovered countries to meet the locals, hike through the mountains, and sip chai under starry skies”.

10 Reasons to visit Pakistan

Will Hatton has been traveling around the world for over ten years, three years ago he visited Pakistan and fell in love with the country instantly. Here is a blog he wrote on ten reasons why everyone should visit Pakistan.

10 Reasons why everyone should Visit Pakistan by Will Hatton

Is Pakistan safe?

I met Tim Blight in Melbourne a couple of years ago. I was on a solo backpacking journey across Australia, i had just turned nineteen and it was my first trip outside Pakistan. Tim surprised me for a couple of reasons. Firstly, he grew up in Melbourne but he could speak Urdu (National language of Pakistan). Secondly, he had been to Pakistan a couple of times and he absolutely loved the country. He knew more about the city of Lahore than me. Tim visits Pakistan almost every year and below i will share his blog, where he talks about his experience in Pakistan and whether Pakistan is safe or not.

Is Pakistan Safe?

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